The Lithuanian Grain Processors' Association was established in 1992 on the initiative of twenty grain pro-cessing companies at that time. At present, the Association has 30 members.
Over the 15 years of its existence, the ranks of the Association have been joint by malt producers, grain wholesalers and companies of other profiles that incorporate grain processing, feed manufacturing or grain and feed raw material dealing divisions. Some of the members are foreign eąuity companies with production or wholesale operations in Lithuania.
The scope of activities of the Association's members is ąuite broad and includes grain procurement from growers, grain drying, cleaning and storage, manufacturing of compound feed, premkes, milk replacers, flour, groats, dry gluten, starch, malt, various food stuffs from grain, organic grain products, exports and imports of grain, grain products and feed raw materials.
The Association is a member of the Lithuanian Industrialists' Confederation and the Chamber of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania. It is a member of the European Feed Manufacturers' Federation as of 2005.