The Lithuanian Grain Processors' Association was founded in 1992 on the initiative of twenty grain-processing companies operating at that time. Currently, the association unites 35 companies.

The scope of activities of the Association's members is quite broad and includes grain procurement from growers, grain drying, cleaning and storage, manufacturing of compound feed, milk replacers, flour, groats, dry gluten, starch, malt, various food stuffs from grain, organic grain products, exports and imports of grain, grain products and feed raw materials. About 4000 employees work in the companies uniting the Association.

16 companies produce feed and other grain products and process about 1.5 million tons of  grain per year. The companies uniting the Association produce about 110 thousand tons of malt per year, about 200 thousand tons of flour, pasta, groats, flakes, cereals, porridge, crumbs and other grain products, about 320 thousand tons of biofuels, about 335 thousand tons of starch, gluten, glucose syrup, germ, about 635 thousand tons of different feed.

Part of the production is exported to the EU and other countries of the world. In 2018 about 680 thousand tons of grain products  were exported to more than 80 countries for 410 million Eur. The main countries of grain products export: Poland, Russia, Finland, South Africa, Germany, Sweden and other countries.

The grain harvest in Lithuania for the recent years is about 5 mln tons of grain per year.  In 2018 year 2.7 mln tons of grain and rape were exported to more than 70 countries for 600 million Eur.

Main countries of grain export: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria, Spain, Germany, Portugal and other countries.