The Association represents its members at national institutions of all tiers and protects their legal interests. It furthemore cooperates with national associations and international associated structures, like the European Feed Manufacturers' Federation, the Baltic Millers' Association.

The Association participates in international projects that are related to the grain processing industry and have the support of international organisations and foreign governments. Furthemore, the Association makes proposals to the Ministry of Agriculture for agricultural surveys related to grain processing and feed manufacturing and cooperates with agricultural science establishments, foreign experts and partners.

The Association takes part in drawing supplements and amendments to legislation, initiates adoption of subordinate legislation, issues suggestions for and comments on draft legislation concerning business regulation on the national level.

Organizes seminars, methodical recommendations, newsletters and other publications of the Association and its members' activities.

Analyzes the current regulatory documentation use to draw conclusions and make proposals to the Association members and public institutions on standards, technical specifications and a variety of regulatory and accounting documentation improvement.

It maintains close ties with other associations functioning in the Republic of Lithuania, associations, unions and their members, the exchange of information.

Cooperate with the Republic of Lithuania, international organizations and other countries. The association is the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists and the European Feed Manufacturers' Federation (FEFAC) and a member of the Association represents the interests of the members of these organizations.