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About the Association

The Lithuanian Association of Grain Processors’ and Traders’ was established in 1992 on the initiative of twenty grain processing companies operating at that time. Currently, the association is united by 35 companies. The companies uniting the association have about 4,000 employees.
The grain sector is a strategic sector and one of the most important in the food chain, ensuring the supply of food to the country’s population.The members of the association cover about 95 percent grain purchasing, processing and trade companies operating in Lithuania. Some of them are international companies or develop activities in other countries. The association occupies a leading position in terms of annual sales revenue of members, which for a number of years exceeds 2,5 billion EUR. The added value per employee is on average twice as high as the national average and amounts to 57,54 thousand EUR.

Activities of the Association companies : purchase, preparation, primary and further processing of grain, trade in grain and grain raw materials. The companies produce compound feed, premixes, flour, groats, dry gluten, starch, malt, organic grain products, biofuels and various other grain products. The companies export and import grain products and feed raw materials. The activities of the sector are closely linked to the whole food supply chain:“from the field to the table”,starting with seed preparing companies, grain growing farms, plant protection and fertilizer industries, agricultural machinery, services supervising crops, quality research laboratories, production and trade of cereal products and feed, the whole logistics chain: rail, road, port.

The Association is a member of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists and the Federation of European Feed Manufacturers (FEFAC) and represents the interests of the members of the Association in these organizations.

Objectives and functions

Management structure

The highest governing body of the Association is the Association Conference, which has all the rights of the General Meeting of Members. The conference is convened as needed, at least once a year, and extraordinary – at the request of at least 1/5 of the members of the Association or 1/2 of the members of the Presidium. The Conference determines the strategy of the Association, the main directions of activities, elects the Presidium, President, Vice-Presidents, Director of the Association for a four-year term, approves or amends the Statutes of Association.

How to become a member?

Jei esate grūdų perdirbamosios pramonės įmonė, grūdų, pašarų ar žaliavų prekybos įmonė, ar teikiate paslaugas šiai pramonei, kviečiame Jus tapti Asociacijos nariais.

Asociacijos nariais gali būti Lietuvos Respublikos ir kitų šalių juridiniai asmenys, individualios įmonės, įmonių ir organizacijų padaliniai, turintys juridinio asmens teises, pripažįstantys Asociacijos įstatus ir dalyvaujantys Asociacijos veikloje.


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